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Club Penguin Characters

Meetable Characters:

Captain Rockhopper

Captain Rockhopper is a pirate. He wears the Pirate Hat and a Beard. He set sale in March 2005 before Club Penguin was created so it was a surprise when he came back on October 13th 2006. He brought the Eyepatch, a Safari Hat, a Treasure Chest and the Admiral Hat. Now he comes back every month or so to give more items and if you look hard enough you might be able to find him on Club Penguin. When you found him and clicked on him he used to give away the Eyepatch but now he gives away a Rockhopper Background, He now gives away a Giant Ship Background. His ship is called The Migrator and he has a red Puffle named Yarr.


Aunt Arctic

Aunt Arctic is a Writer for the Club Penguin Times. Her first column was on May 25th 2006 and has never stopped since. You could meet her at the Penguin Play Awards if you were a member and you went Backstage. If you found her she would give you a Aunt Arctic Background. She wears the Pink Toque, Funny Glasses and a Pencil. She was the main Penguin in the first missoin.


Gary the Gadget Guy (G)

G is actually not the head of the PSA . He is a really good inventor though. He is in all the missions. He also runs the sport shop. G wears a White Lab Coat and Glasses. Some of his inventions are the Spy Phone, the Ac 3000 and Pizzatron 3000 (CP game). You could meet him at the 2008 Halloween party  or the Penguin Play Awards, if you did he would give you a background.


The Penguin Band:

The Penguin Band play in parties. It consists of G-billy, Stompin’ Bob, Petey K and Franky. You could meet them in the Music Jam party and the Penguin Play Awards. Petey K plays the Piano, G-Billy plays the Drums, Franky plays the Acoustic Guitar and Stompin’ Bob plays the Double Bass Guitar. There have been many other penguins in the band aswell.



The Sensei is the character that runs the Dojo. You must play againts him once you are a Black Belt to become a Ninja. He built the dojo and is the host in the Card-jitsu game.



First appeared in the Dance- a- thon member party and is the host in the Dance Off game. You could meet her at the Dance-a-thon or the Penguin Play Awards.


Other Characters (some you can meet online but they won’t give you a background)

Herbert P Bear

The evil Polar Bear in missions 5 & 6. His fur was found in missions 3 & 4. I am guessing the P stands for Polar.



 Herbert’s sidekick. You could see him in the 2008 water party. He is a Crab.


Dancing Penguin

 The penguin in mission 3 who is dancing in the Night Club. You need to help get the Night Club’s power back.


Leader of the PSA

The mysterious leader of the PSA, no one knows who this Penguin actually is, though he is not an existing character. He has a symbol that is not used in the Tic-Tac-Toe Code (PSA secret code).  psa-leader-symbol1



The public Relations Officer of the P.S.A, appeared in missions 3, 7 & 10. He was also a  commentator for the Penguin Games.



The Construction Worker appeared in mission 7 fixing the Clock Tower and has been an important character ever since. He was part of the Penguin games as a commentator (like Rookie).


Jet Pack Guy:

Jet Pack Guy first appeared in mission 2, where he rescued you from the Wilderness and also in mission 10, as part of the Waddle Squad. He also appears in the DS game, rescuing you & Rookie from the Wilderness.


Hydro Hopper Penguin:

The Hydro Hopper Penguin appears on the Dock in missions 9 and 10. He is light green and wears the Black Toque and the Overalls. Click here to learn a tiny bit more about him.

Box Creator:

Controlled by Rsnail (Moderator), he appeared in the April Fools party 2009 and, unlike other characters, is a real Penguin who you can have on your buddy list. This is a glitch though, and once it is fixed he will delete all his buddys, give them all backgrounds and give everyone backgrounds who meet him in the future.


Sanity Penguin:

He is more infamous than famous, but he deserves mention here for starting the ninja myth (stand in the dojo for 30 mins). He was also the creator of the hacking program CP Trainer. He used the username Sanity 1. He was a big rival of the Moderators because they banned him many of times but he just unbanned himself. He once said ” I don’t think the Moderators can ban Sanity Penguin. When they finally banned him (they found a way) they did thier best to mock him. He was arrested in real life and was either sent to jail for a year or paid a $500,000 fine, at least i think that. Some of his hacking accomplishments were becoming a Moderator and hacking into the CP Moderator’s site, which is where they discuss the upcoming events in Club Penguin. He was also known to be the inventor of Club Penguin war being the first to post about it in his old blog. Also, on April 2, 2009 he was seen in the Night Club on the server Ascent spotted by Jay Reddo as the name Sanity 5 who also looked like a hacker  having a heading that said ” Da Penguin Times” next to his name and had the Penguin Band background even though he does’nt have a member badge to get into  the Backstage.

sanity1 sanity-5


Microchip123 is another hacker of Club Penguin. He has created Penguin Fire which is no longer active, Penguin Storm 1,2,3,3.1,44.1 and 5, Penguin Blizzard which is no longer active, Money Makers and an Online Pin Getter which does now not work due to Club Penguin now encrypting the password encription). He has made lots more programs then Sanity Penguin yet Sanity Penguin is still more famous (or should i say infamous!). The last sighting of him was on March 28 2009 around 9:00 am Penguin Standard Time in the Dojo on the server Shiver. He has a website about CP and i think he still plays because he does still posts on it.

 microchip1232 If you can find a better un-copyrighted picture of Microchip123 (preferably on Club Penguin), please send it to me from an E-Mail on

Agent PH:

The PH stands for Puffle Handler, she can be seen on the DS game (Elite Penguin Force). Click here to learn more about her.

Agent PH

If you can find a better un-copyrighted picture of her please E-Mail it to me at

DS Dancing Penguin:

DS Dancing Penguin is the DS game’s (Elite Penguin Force’s) answer to Dancing Penguin, he wears disco clothes. Click here to learn more about him.



She guides you alond the DS game (Elite Penguin Force). Her full name is Dot the Disguise Gal. Click here to learn more about her.



Bambadee was introduced in March 2007  in the book Rockhopper and the Stowaway featuring him. He is blue and only wears the Friendship Bracelet. It was given away at the end of the book. He is a real penguin and it is a rumour that penguins are his buddy.


By Rewdewa & Thomas432



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