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Penguin Chat

Penguin Chat 1, 2 and 3 are all older versions of Club Penguin. You could talk and do stuff on them but it did’nt have as many features as Club Penguin does now.

Experimental Penguins

Experimental Penguins is an older version of Penguin Chat 1. It was originally on the Rocket Snail games website (Rsnail is a Moderator on Club Penguin) but that website closed down and a new microblog was opened instead owned by Rocket Snail. I do not know any rooms in it but i am guessing that there were more than one because in a picture i found there was an arrow on the bottom right corner so that must indicate a room. I do not know the controlls on how to play the game but i am guessing it would be similar to CP or PC1 (Penguin Chat 1). I do not know any cheats either but i know from a picture i found that you can throw snowballs. I also know that every Penguin has to be a darkish blue colour and cannot be reported for being rude or mean or having a rude name.



Penguin Chat or Penguin Chat 1

Penguin Chat 1 is the oldest version of Club Penguin. You coud’nt do much though, all you could was walk around and talk, you did’nt even need a username, you just type in a name for yourself when the login screen comes up. The best thing about it is you can still play it! Click here to play Penguin Chat 1. You choose what type of Penguin you want to be. There is about six to choose from. There are also 3 rooms. Their names are Snow Room, North Pole and Crash Site.

How to play: Playing Penguin Chat 1 is very simple. To move all you have to do is click on your Penguin and click to where you want to go to. To say stuff you need to type what you want to say in the writing box and click on the button next to it so people can see it (or press enter). To change rooms you have to click on one of the 3 rooms on the right hand side of the page.


Walking on water: Go to the Construction Site and walk over to the water. Now you will be walking on the water.

Penguin cut off the screen:Go to any room and go to the very top or bottom corner and now your Penguin will be abit cut off your computer screen.

Change to a different type of Penguin: Go to the North Pole and click on the red and white pole. Now your Penguin will change how it looks. Do it as many times as you like!

Here are some pictures:

All the Penguins you can choose to be:


Snow Room: Really White!


North Pole: Has a red and white pole in the middle of the room.


Crash Site: Has some sort of building truck and water near that.


Club Penguin Football Chat (Football means Soccer for some of you)

Penguin Football Chat is an additional version to Penguin Chat 1. You do the same thing but instead of having a normal blank room you appear in a soccer field with goals on each end. There are 4 rooms. They are called Room 1, Room 2, Room 3 and Room 4. Click here to play it.

How to play: You don’t have to click on your Penguin before moving, you just have click where you want to go. If you decide to click on the ball it might not go where you want it to go because it can go anywhere! When you want say something it is the same as Penguin Chat 1, you have to write something in the writing box and then click on the button next to it or press enter. To change rooms click on the button next to the one where you release what you want to say. It has an option of 4 rooms, click on the one you want to go to.


Walking off the field:Go to any room and click off the football pitch. Now your Penguin will be walking off the feild.

 Scoring a goal: Scoring a goal is very hard. Go to any room. When you click on the ball and walk over to it it can go anywhere so you have to take a lot of time and once you are lucky enough, the ball will go in.

Penguin cut of the screen: Go to any room and walk over to any top or bottom corner. Some of your Penguin should be cut off.

Here are some pictures:

Here are the options of Penguin shirt colours you can be and you can type what number you want to be from 0-99.


Room1: Has red goals at each end.


Room 2: Has green goals at each end.


Room 3: Has blue goals at each end.


Room 4: Has grayish goals at each end.


Penguin Chat 2

Penguin Chat 2 is the least famous out of all Penguin Chats. No one knows much about it and i can’t find any pictures of PC2 (Penguin Chat 2) on the Internet. It was released in January 2003 and shut down in April 2004 for Penguin Chat 3.

How to play: I do not actually know how to play it but i am guessing it would be like Penguin Chat 3 and Club Penguin. I do not know all the features on it either.

Cheats: I am sure there are many cheats in PC2 but i have no proof. I am guessing the cheats would be kind of like the one on Penguin Chat 3.

If you can find an un-copyrighted picture of Penguin Chat 2 from the Internet, could you please E-Mail it to me on

Penguin Chat 3

Penguin Chat 3 is very very famous. Most old Club Penguin people should know about it. It is the closest version to Club Penguin before CP was made. It has a Night Club, Coffee Shop and Gift Shop from the Town, a Boiler Room from the Night Club. It also had some of it’s own rooms including the Snow Area, Public Igloo (where the Penguin Band played), and a Football Field (soccer for some of you).

How to play:I do not know officially if this is the right way to play but i am pretty sure seing that this is the closest game to Club Penguin. I am guessing that it is just like Club Penguin and you just click somewhere to move to. There is a toolbar on it. It consists of a Chatbox where you write what you want to say into, a Enter button to make the words you wrote on your Chatbox go onto the screen for other Penguins to view, a ‘Throw a Snowball’ button to throw snowballs, an Actions button that lets you wave sit and dance, a Report button to report Penguins who are breaking the rules to the Moderators, an Emotes button which still has 2 emotes that we use on CP today and a ‘Tell a Joke button to tell a joke. There is also and arrow that expands the width of the Chatbox and a few other buttons aswell (probably used for technical assistance ect.). When you throw snowballs they don’t always go to your desired target. There are no separate igloos for Penguins. They also had a different type of dark blue (a bit darker than Club Penguin’s dark blue colour). 


Become a Ninja: Becoming a Ninja is a very popular rumour going around Club Penguin, the truth is that it all came from becoming a Ninja in Penguin Chat 3. To become a Ninja you need to go to the log in screen and create a new account and wait till you are asked what colour you want to be. One you are asked what colour you want to be, click on the letter “N” from the heading “Select your new Penguin”. Then a Ninja Penguin will appear next to your choice of colours. Click on it and you will be a Ninja.


Becoming a Consrtuction Worker: You have to go left of the Snow Area to get to a room that i think is called the Snow Regions. In the Snow Regions, click on a hook of a crane and you will become a Construction Worker.

There is a swf to play PC3. Click here to play it. It did’nt work for me. You’re supposed to keep right click until a Penguin named “WWWWWWWWWWWW” appears. Here is some PC3 music.

Here are some pictures:

Town: Has Coffee Shop, Night Club and Gift Shop.


Coffe Shop: Looks like Club Penguin’s Coffe Shop except it does’nt have the Book Room or the Bean Counters game.


Night Club: Looks excactly the same except it has a different type of Dance Floor and does’nt have the Dance Lounge. The Penguin Band is also playing in there.


Boiler Room: You get there by going to the Night Club and going through the speaker on the right corner of the floor. It looks way different to Club Penguin’s.


Football Field: I do not know much about this room because the picture i have is a bit too small and a little blury. From this picture i can see there is one red goal but i do not know if there is another goal not in the picture. I can also see a sign that says something but i cannot make out what it is.


The Snow Area: I do not know much about this room either. It does’nt have that much in it, the only thing it has is a sign and i cannot make out what it says aswell.


The Public Igloo: This is an igloo open for everyone to see. It is very big and white and the Penguin Band play in it aswell as the Night Club.

If anyone can find an un-copyrighted picture of the Penguin Chat 3 Gift Shop or Snow Regions could you please E-Mail it to me on

Penguin Chat 3 variants:

There are variants of Penguin Chat created By Rocket Snail and put on his old game website (Rocket Snail Games) which does not excist anymore, they are:

  • “Crab Chat” You could select 4 different colours of Crabs, build sand castles and chat.
  • “Chibi Friends Chat” Members of this game can choose of 12 different characters and join Club Sapphire’s party.
  • “Goat Chat” You can visit a farm to chat with other goats.
  • “Ultra-Chat” You can wander around being a little robot and chat with other people.
  • “TV Chat” You can select from 6 different charaters and 5 different faces.



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  1. when did penguin chat 1 start? I was here since penguin chat 2

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